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How am I billed when new users are added to my account?
How am I billed when new users are added to my account?
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I am a Justworks PEO customer who also uses Justworks Hours

Justworks Hours is an add-on product to the Justworks PEO solution. Justworks Hours is $8/month per user.

Advantages of our pricing:

  • No set-up costs or base fees

  • No matter how your team grows, Justworks Hours pricing per user stays the same

  • One bill through Justworks means fewer headaches, you will be charged for Justworks Hours in your first semi-monthly pay run for Justworks payroll

  • Pay only for active users: Any user who currently has an account and is tracking time via Justworks Hours. If a user doesn’t track time that month, they’re not considered active. Also, any user who approves shifts or runs a report in Justworks Hours that month.

How will I be billed for Justworks Hours?

You’ll be billed for Justworks Hours as part of your regular payroll invoice through Justworks. Justworks Hours bills retroactively, which means the charge on your Justworks invoice will refer to your usage of Justworks Hours from the previous month. For example, we will bill you in February based on your usage of Justworks Hours in January. This is the billing frequency you can expect from Justworks Hours moving forward.

If you have questions about your subscription plan, or billing invoice, please reach out to our support team directly at [email protected].

When will I be billed for Justworks Hours?

If your company is on monthly billing, you will be billed once a month for every full-time employee, part-time employee, owner, and intern who receives taxable wages, as well as any owners or contractors who are deemed active users (see below). The monthly fee will be charged on your first semimonthly invoice of the month and is listed as a line item in your invoice.

Where can I find my Justworks Hours invoice?

There is not a separate invoice for Justworks Hours. To see your billing for Justworks Hours, head to Invoices in your Justworks account. Your fees for Justworks Hours will be included with your Justworks fees on the last invoice of the month.

What is an active user?

A Justworks Hours user is considered active if they have an account, regardless of their role or termination status, and complete any of the three actions below at least once between the first and last day of a month:

  1. A user tracks time

  2. A user approves shifts, time off or expenses

  3. A user runs a report

I only use Justworks Hours (but not the Justworks PEO)

After you subscribe to Justworks Hours, you will have a monthly billing date which is set for the same day every month. For example, if you moved from a trial to a paid subscription on December 15th, your next invoice would be January 15th and all future invoices would be scheduled for the 15th of every month thereafter.

On you billing date, you are invoiced for all activity in the previous 30 day period. So if you've added or subtracted users during the previous month, your invoice will show those increases or decreases as a prorated adjustment to your account. You are only billed for users based on the number of days they used Justworks Hours in your billing cycle.

So, if you add a new user half-way into your current billing cycle, you will be charged a prorated amount of 50% of the increase in subscription cost for that user on your next invoice.

If you have questions about your subscription plan, or billing invoice, please reach out to our support team directly at [email protected].

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