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Guide: Tracking time from a desktop computer or laptop (Web Dashboard)
Guide: Tracking time from a desktop computer or laptop (Web Dashboard)
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Your employees can use the Web Dashboard from any desktop computer or laptop to review timesheets and update their user profile. You can also allow employees to track time directly and submit shifts from their dashboard. This article will walk you through how to enable this feature and walk through the basics of the employee web dashboard.

Enable Time Tracking in the Web Dashboard

To get started, go to Preferences. Scroll down to the Shift Preferences section until you get to Web Dashboard. By default, this preference will be set to OFF. To use this feature, turn ON and then click the Save button. Your employees will now be able to track time from their web dashboard!

Track Time

When your employees sign in to their dashboard, there will now be a Track Time tab in the main menu.

The Track Time page shows all of the shifts that are currently open. So if an employee is currently checked in to a shift from the mobile app, they will be able to see the status of that shift here. Employees can also check in for a new shift directly from this page by clicking the green 'Check in to a new shift' button in the action bar.

This allows them to select a location for the shift and start a timer. Please note that currently the web dashboard does not support geolocation, so shifts submitted here will not have the location verified.

Track Time popup showing a list of locations in a drop-down menu

The experience of tracking time from this page is nearly identical to the mobile app. After the employee is checked in for a shift, they can log break time and view the shift timeline. If your company uses Projects or Notes, employees will also be able to track project time and submit notes directly from the Shift Details screen. Shift Details are opened by clicking on the row of the shift.

Manual Time Tracking

If your account preferences are set to allow employees to submit shifts manually, then employees can add new shifts for time already worked directly from the Timesheets page. To do this, they just click the green 'Add shift for completed work' button in the action bar.

Lastly, if you allow employees to edit their own shifts they will be able to do that directly from the Timesheets page. Check your Preferences to see whether or not you have this feature turned on.


The Web Dashboard functions very similar to the mobile app. Employees can easily access a report of all of the shifts that they have worked by clicking on the Timesheets tab in the main menu.

By default, shifts on this page are arranged by work week and can easily be switched from one week to another using the drop down in the action bar.

Shifts that are pending management approval will have bold font, while shifts that have been approved will appear with regular font and a light grey background. 

To view more information about a shift, click on the row for that shift to open Shift Details. Here, there is a summary of the time that was tracked, a timeline of events that took place during the shift (including breaks) as well as project details and notes (if your company has these features turned on).

User Profile

Employees can add or edit information on their profile directly from the Web Dashboard. To do this, they will click on their name in the top right corner of the screen and then select the Account option from the dropdown menu.

Once on their profile, any of the following information can be updated:

  • Profile picture

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Account password and/or PIN

Employees are not be able to make changes to pay type or pay rate, though that information is available on this page for them to view.

We hope your employees enjoy using the Web Dashboard! As always, our goal is to give you more options for managing time and to make your data readily available and easy to access.

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