Before you can track time to Job Codes as an employee, your employer must first setup Job Codes in your Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) account. If you're an account administrator, click here to learn more about how to do that.

Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) Job Codes allow employees to get paid at different rates for different jobs. You can choose from any number of Job Codes when checking in to work and a different pay rate can be tied to each code.

To select a job code and track time in real-time, you must first tap on ‘Track Time’ at the bottom of the screen. In the next screen you’ll be prompted to choose a job code from the list.


There are two basic types of job codes. 'Hourly' codes pay you based on the number of hours you work. 'Fixed Amount' codes pay you a flat rate no matter how long you actually spend on the clock.


Tap on the job code that you wish to track time towards. Next you’ll be prompted to check in to a specific work location.

If you have permission to enter time manually in Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr), you’ll have the option to check in to a new shift or to add a shift for completed work. If you are checking in to a new shift, see below.


If you choose ‘Add shift for completed work’, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can submit the details of your shift. Once you’ve entered all the details correctly, tap ‘Save’ in the top right corner to save your shift. For more information on adding a shift for completed work, click here.


If you don’t have permission to enter time manually in Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) (or if you choose to check in to a new shift), your time will start and will continue running until you tap 'Check Out’. The top section of the shift details window that appears will display your current Job Code. Once you’re ready to clock out, simply tap on ‘Check Out’ at the bottom of the screen and confirm the check out.


You can check in and out of work as many times in one day as needed, and you can switch to a new job code by clocking out of your current code and clocking in under a new code. It’s important to always clock in with the correct code so that you can be paid accurately for your work!

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