Checking in (and out) for work is easy with Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr)! In fact, that's why we're here - to simplify the process of tracking when and where employees work.

To check in, make sure you download the Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) mobile app to your phone or tablet. Our app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

After you have signed in successfully, the app will load to the home screen. Conveniently, this is the same screen that you will check in and track time from. On the very bottom you will see a bright blue button that says 'Track Time':

Click the 'Track Time' button, you will then be prompted to select the Location where you are working. Note: You current location must be within the distance required by your company to log time at a given location when utilizing the geofence feature.

After you select the location that you wish to check in to, you will be prompted to select either 'Check in to a new shift' used for a live tracked shift or 'Add shift for completed work' for a manually added shift.

When you click the 'Check in to a new shift' feature, you will then be taken to a screen which shows you the full story of your shift.

If you selected the Add shift for completed work option, you will be taken to a screen where you can enter all of the details about this shift. Once all details have been . entered, click save in the top right-hand corner. Please note: Manually added shifts will show in the management dashboard and mobile application with an 'M' signifying that this is a manually added shift.

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