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What is Terminal Mode? Why would I use this?
What is Terminal Mode? Why would I use this?
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Our mobile app was designed to accommodate nearly every type of business. This includes businesses that operate out of a single location, such as a restaurant or retail shop. For these businesses, we have developed a way to turn any Apple or Android smartphone/tablet into a time clock that every employee can use to check in and out of work on. We do this with the Terminal Mode setting.

Any manager can easily set their mobile app to Terminal Mode by signing into the app and opening the menu. The first option at the top says 'Terminal Mode'. Slide this to the right to turn this feature on. You will be prompted to create a PIN if you have not already created one.


What exactly does this do?

An app in Terminal Mode can be used by every employee within an organization to log time. To do this, select the location (while in Terminal Mode) that you want employees to check in and out of. There will then be a list of every employee that shows up.


From this screen, employees simply select their name, enter their personal PIN code and then check in/out for work, log breaks and submit tasks.



As soon as an employee checks in or out, the app is returned to the list of employees allowing for others to check in and out. All of this data will still show up in real-time, in the management dashboard.


Most businesses using Terminal Mode choose to put a smartphone or tablet in one centralized location that is accessible by all employees. This option is also ideal for a business that employs individuals who may not own a smart device.

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