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Guide: How to track Project Time from the app
Guide: How to track Project Time from the app
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You can now track the time you spend on specific projects while you are checked in to a shift! Project tracking is only available to all Justworks Hours customers but does require some set up by your account administrator.

To start tracking Project Time, check in to a new shift. Once you are checked in, you will be directed to the Shift Details screen. Here, there will be a section titled "Projects" with a row below it that says 'Add Projects to Shift'. Tap this to get started.


You will then be provided a list of projects that have been assigned to you. To add projects to your shift, simply tap on them - when you do, the dot to the right will turn green. Once you have selected all the projects you would like to add, tap the green Save button on the bottom of the screen.

You can also add a new project directly from this screen by tapping the very top row. By default, projects that you add from the app will only be assigned to you, but you can choose to make the project available to all other employees by moving the toggle switch at the bottom of the screen to 'Available to all employees'.

After selecting projects, you will be redirected back to Shift Details and the projects will have been added to your shift. You can now tap on any project to add time.

There are two ways to add time to a project:

1) Add blocks of time by tapping the 'Add Time to Project' row


2) Set a timer by tapping the green 'Start Timer' button at the bottom of the screen. You can start and stop the timer as often as you would like throughout your shift and the timer will automatically be paused when you take breaks from your shift.


You can also delete a row on the Project Timeline screen at any time by swiping the row to the left and tapping the red Delete button. The total project time will update as you add, or remove, time inputs on this screen.

All time that is tracked for projects will be attached to your shift history, even after your shift has ended. This way, you and your team always have a record of what was worked on throughout your shift.

We hope that you enjoy this feature, if you have any questions about using Project Time please reach out to us at [email protected] and someone from our team will be available to assist you.

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