In this article, we’ll learn the following:

  • What are locations in Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr)?

  • How to add a location to Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) (web & mobile app)

  • How to deactivate a location in Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr)

  • How to add a location without an address

  • Setting a billable rate

What are locations in Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr)?

Locations in Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) can be thought of in several ways. Primarily, locations are anywhere employees go to do work. This can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Multiple physical locations (retail, restaurant, etc.)

  • Multiple job sites (construction, service providers, etc.)

  • Offices

  • Clients (track time to clients for billing/accounting regardless of physical location)

How to add a location in Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr)

Adding a new location to your Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) account takes just a few minutes. First let’s learn how to do so on the Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) website. To get started, click on ‘Manage’ and then on ‘Locations.

Near the top of the table, you’ll see a button labeled ‘Add New Location’.


After clicking on the button, you’ll name your location and provide an address. (see below for adding a location without an address).


You can also assign new or existing locations to specific employees or departments in Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr). To do so, click on the ‘Employees’ tab of the location details window. By default your location is assigned to all employees, but if you uncheck the location box you’ll see the option to assign to employees or departments. After you’ve made your assignments, click ‘Save’.

Once you’ve provided the needed information, just click ‘Save’ to finish or ‘Save and Add New’ to add an additional location.


Mobile app

To add a location from the mobile app, access the app menu by tapping on the three lines in the top, left corner of the mobile app screen.

Next tap on ‘Manage Locations’. Here you can search your location list, update details for an existing location, or add a new location. To add a new location, tap on ‘Add New Location’ at the top of the page.

First name the location (a name is required). The next field gives you an option to set a billable rate (see the billable rate section of this article for more information).


Next tap on ‘Link a Physical Address’. To have Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) autofill the address based on your current location, tap on the navigation triangle in the top, right corner. To have Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) autocomplete your address based on your input, tap on the address field and start typing.


Next you can assign this location to employees or departments by tapping on ‘Assign to Employees’. By default it will be assigned to all employees, to change this, switch the toggle to ‘Off”.


How to Deactivate a Location

If you use Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) locations to represent clients or places you go to do work, it may be necessary to remove locations from the list from time to time. This can be done from the Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) website and the mobile app. Employees will no longer be able to select inactive locations when checking in for work. Time tracked at inactive locations will still be included in all Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) reports.

First click on ‘Manage’ and then ‘Locations’. Click the checkbox next to any location in the table (you can check more than one box).


Then click on the ‘Deactivate’ button.

It is also possible to reactivate a previous location. To do so, navigate to the locations tab. On the left side of the page there is a filter set to show active locations by default. That filter can be switched to show ‘Inactive’ locations. Once switched, you can check the box next to any location (you can check more than one box) and click on the ‘Reactivate’ button.

To deactivate a location on the mobile app, go to the Manage Locations tab and select a location from the list. Next tap on the 'Change Status' link. Choose 'Deactivate' from the pop-up drawer.

How to add a Location without an address

In certain instances, you may want to add a “location” to Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) that doesn’t include an address. Some examples include “travel” or “drive time”. If you want to know how much time is spent moving between locations or off-site, adding a location without an address is now an option in Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr).

First, you must enable this option in your preferences menu. To do so, click on the person icon in the top,right corner and then on ‘Preferences’.

Then select ‘User Permissions’ from the left side of the screen. The second preference under ‘Adding Locations’ must be set to ‘On’. After setting this to ‘On’, click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.


Next, you’ll need to click on ‘Manage’ and then on ‘Locations’. Follow the steps in the ‘Add New Location’ section above to add a new location. When you do, a new checkbox will appear marked ‘This location does not have a physical address’.


Please note, any location without a physical address cannot have check-ins and check-outs limited by a geofence. If the mobile app is used, location at time of check-in and location at time of check-out will still be reported in the shift details for any shift tracked in real-time.

Setting a Billable Rate

If you’d like, Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) can track all hours spent at a given location and assign a billable rate to those hours. This rate is different than the hourly rate of pay for any employees, and most often represents a rate that would be billed to a client for services rendered at a location. Each location can only have one billable rate.

To set a billable rate for a location, scroll to the bottom of the ‘Add New Location’ window for a new location or the ‘Location details’ window for an existing location. Under the ‘Billable’ section you’ll find a question - ‘Are you billing at this location?’. Set this to ‘yes’. Once you do, a text box will appear. Enter a dollar amount and click ‘Save’.


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