Boomr now offers an integration with Slack. Using Slack, Boomr users can clock in, clock out, start and end a break, and see their current status.

Topics covered in this article:

  • Connecting Boomr and Slack

  • Slack Commands

  • Checking in for Work with Slack

  • Staring a Break with Slack

  • Ending a Break with Slack 

  • Checking Out with Slack

Connecting Boomr and Slack

You can add Boomr to your Slack account in one of two ways. You can now find Slack on Boomr’s integrations page and connect to your Slack account there.

Screenshot showing where to find Slack in Justworks Hours list of integrations

You can also find the Boomr Bot in the Slack marketplace.

To connect to your Slack account from the Boomr integrations page, navigate to the Integrations tab and click on ‘Add to Slack’.

When you do, you’ll be asked to provide credentials from your Slack account. This includes your Slack domain, and email and password.

**Please note that your Slack account may be configured so that only Slack admins have permission to add new integrations to your Slack account. If that’s the case, please contact your Slack administrator to add the Boomr Bot to your Slack account.

Also, you must enabled web dashboard access in Boomr for your employees to use Boomr via Slack. You can update that preference here.

Once you’ve provided your credentials, you’ll need to authorize Boomr to access your Slack account.

Screenshot showing the authorize Justworks Hours dialogue box

Now you’re ready to start tracking time with Slack.

Slack Commands

Slack can be used to trigger various actions in Boomr. These actions can be triggered in 3 different ways:

  1. Send a Direct Message to the Boomr Bot (located under Apps on the left side of the Slack app). This article will primarily cover commands of this type.

  2. Use a slash command (for example, type /check-in) Learn more about slash commands here.

  3. Mention the Boomr Bot in any of your Slack channels (for example, type @Boomr check in). Learn more about mentions here.

For a full list of Slack commands available in Boomr, type “help” into the Boomr Bot DM.

Screenshot illustrating how to get a full list of Slack commands by typing “help” into the Boomr Bot DM

Checking in for work with Slack

To check in for work from your Slack app (or the Slack web app), you can send a Direct Message to the Boomr Bot. To try it out, just type “in” on the Boomr Bot DM.

This will prompt you to select a location from the drop down list. Choose a location and then click on “Check In”

Screenshot showing how to check in for work within Slack by typing “in” on the Boomr Bot DM

Starting a Break with Slack

To start a break simply type “Start Break” in the Boomr Bot DM. If you have break rules applied in your account, this will prompt you to select a break type and then click on “Start Break”. If you do not have break rules applied in your account, the message will automatically start your break in Boomr.

Screenshot showing how to start a break within Slack by typing “Start Break” in the Boomr Bot DM

Ending a Break with Slack

To end a break type “End Break” in the Boomr Bot DM. This will end your break. If break rules are applied and you have not yet met the minimum duration for a break, you’ll receive an error message. This message tells you when you can come back and successfully end your break.

Checking out with Slack

To check out of your shift, type “out” in the Boomr Bot DM.

**Please note for all of the above commands that it is possible to have more than one shift open in Boomr. If you have multiple open shifts, Boomr will prompt you to choose from them when updating your status via Slack. You can view open shifts at any time by typing “Open”.

Screenshot showing how to end a break within Slack by typing “End Break” in the Boomr Bot DM

As mentioned above, and just like with other Slack apps, you can also check in and out of work in any other channel by using a command prompt. Command prompts always being with /.

To get started, go to the Slack App Directory and search for Boomr. Then, click the green "Visit Site to Install" button.

Need help? Drop us a line at or call (877) 687-6228.

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