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How to track and manage Time Off in Justworks Hours
How to track and manage Time Off in Justworks Hours
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Use Justworks Hours to track, manage and approve requests for time off. Create custom Time Off Categories for your users to attach their requests to. Your team can then submit requests directly from the mobile app or web dashboard. Once approved, all time off requests will show up on timesheet and payroll reports alongside work shifts.

Let's walk through how to configure your account to start using Justworks Hours's Time Off feature.

To get started, go to your web dashboard and click the person icon to open the drop down menu - then select Account.

From the Account screen, use the left-side menu to navigate to the Time Off Categories page. Then click the green "Add Time Off Category" button in the action bar to add your first Time Off Category.

Time Off Categories are different types of time off, such as "Vacation", "Holiday" or "Sick". You'll need to assign a name for each category and a description is optional. These are the options that your users will see when submitting a new Time Off Request.

As of now, Justworks Hours Time Off does not support assignment of Time Off Categories to specific users, all categories will be available to all users in your account. Accrual rules are also not currently available, but if this offering is something you're interested in please email [email protected] to file a request.

Once you've added categories, all users in your account will immediately be able to submit requests for time off. All Time Off Requests will be shown on the Time Off tab of your web dashboard. To view these, simply navigate to the Time Off tab from the main menu.

From the Time Off page, you can Approve, Unapprove or Delete time off requests. The work flow on this page mirrors that of the Manage Shifts page. An Admin user can even click the "Add Time Off Request" button to add a time off request on behalf of another user.

All Time Off Requests that are marked "Approved" will show up on Timesheet and Payroll Reports. There is a green icon to indicate which time entries are from time off requests, so you can differentiate between approved time off requests and approved work shifts.

Screenshot showing Approved Time Off

If you'd like to learn about how employees submit time off requests from the mobile app, check out this support article for more information.

We hope that you enjoy this new feature and welcome your feedback! We're constantly working to improve Justworks Hours and invite you to share your thoughts by emailing our Customer Experience team at [email protected]!

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