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How to use the Justworks Hours mobile app in Offline Mode
How to use the Justworks Hours mobile app in Offline Mode
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In the past, the Justworks Hours app has made it possible for employees to track their time no matter where they are, so long as they have an active internet connection. Our newest feature changes that. Employees can now track time in Justworks Hours no matter where they are, even if their device is offline. Learn how below:

If Justworks Hours is unable to connect to the internet, either via your cellular network or a WiFi connection, the Justworks Hours app will automatically enter Offline Mode. An orange banner will appear near the top of the screen to indicate you are in Offline Mode. Once your device is able to re-establish a connection, it will automatically exit Offline Mode.


When in Offline Mode, employees can check in and out of shifts for work in real-time. Shift data will be stored locally on the device until a connection is re-established and data can be synced with Justworks Hours.

Please note that this means there may be a delay before shifts tracking in offline mode appear in your Justworks Hours dashboard. Geofencing, if enabled, will still apply to offline shifts. Manual shifts and shift editing are not available when in Offline Mode.


To track time while in Offline Mode, simply tap on the ‘Track Time’ button at the bottom of the screen. Next select a work location and then choose the 'Check in to a new shift' option. This will start your shift timer.


At this time Projects, Expenses (if you have a Business Tier subscription) and Notes are not available while in Offline Mode.

While in Offline Mode you can also start a break by tapping on ‘Start Break’. If your shift is currently on a break, the shift status will appear in yellow and you can end your break by tapping on the yellow ‘End Break’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, you can end your shift by tapping on ‘Check Out’ at the bottom of the screen, just as you normally would when your app is connected to the Internet. All shifts tracked while in Offline Mode will be shown on your Timesheet and sent directly to your manager or admin for approval.

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