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Guide: How to use our Offices feature, multiple time zones and overtime rules
Guide: How to use our Offices feature, multiple time zones and overtime rules
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We’re proud to introduce one of our most exciting features to date! Justworks Hours Offices. Justworks Hours Offices bring increased flexibility to your Justworks Hours account. Offices allows you to set different time zone and overtime preferences for different groups of employees. Keep reading to see how.

Please note: To access Offices, you must have our Business Tier subscription.

To get started, click on the person icon in the top, right corner of the Justworks Hours website after signing in to your account here. Then select ‘Account’ from the drop down. Finally, choose Offices from the list on the left side of the screen.

This will bring up the list of offices currently in your account. You already set up your first office when you first signed up for Justworks Hours. To edit the settings for that office, click on it now. You can change the start of work week, overtime preferences, and time zone.

To add a new office, click on the ‘Add New Office’ button. You’ll need to give your office a name, and select a time zone and start of work week. You can also optionally set overtime preferences for this office.

To add employees to your new office, go to the Employees tab. Click on the Employee you’d like to add to the new office and click on the ‘Offices’ drop down. Select the corresponding office for that employee and click ‘Save’.

You can move employees from one office to another, but shifts tracked previously will remain in the time zone and overtime preferences that they were originally submitted in (for compliance purposes).

If you set up more than one office while on a Justworks Hours trial, your offices will stay intact even on a Standard Tier account. You will not be able to move employees between offices or add new offices without upgrading to a Business Tier account.

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