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Important FAQs for Admins
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If you are a business owner or manager using Justworks Hours for the first time you might have some questions. To make things easy, we've put together a list of the most commonly asked questions that our Support team receives from users just like you. Check them out below:

How much does Justworks Hours cost?

Justworks Hours is an add-on cost to Justworks and you'll be charged $8 monthly per active user on the platform.. If you still have pricing-related questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

How do I add an employee?

If you're using Justworks as a payroll provider, your employees will automatically be added to your Justworks Hours account once the overnight sync has occurred.

If you're an existing customer and use a different payroll provider, you can add an employee in the app. Tap on the three lines in the top, left corner and then tap on ‘Manage Employees’. From there tap on ‘Add New Employee’ and provide the required information and you’re all set!

To add an employee on the web, click on the employees tab and the on the ‘Add New Employee’ button near the top of the page. Provide the required information, and again, you’re all set!

How do I remove an employee?

Removing an employee is just as easy as adding one! Click on the employees tab and then click on the check box next to the name of an employee you’d like to remove. Next click on the ‘Deactivate’ button near the top of the page. If you’re on a paid subscription this will trigger a prompt to lower your subscription count as well. You’ll need to do this in order to adjust your monthly bill.

How do I set up an integration?

Setting up an integration is easy! Sign in to your account on the web and click on the person icon in the top, right corner and then on ‘Integrations’. From there choose the integration you’d like to connect and click on the ‘Connect’ button. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the process. You can search for specific instructions for each of our integrations in our Support Center.

Why are my reports blank?

When shifts are submitted in Justworks Hours, they are automatically submitted in a pending state. Shifts must be approved before they appear in reports. You can approve shifts in the ‘Manage Shifts’ tab and then return to the ‘Reports’ tab. Information from approved shifts will appear here. You can also edit your preferences to automatically approve all shifts submitted in Justworks Hours. This will immediately push data to reports.

How do I approve a shift?

To approve a shift, click on the ‘Manage Shifts’ tab. Click on the checkbox next to any shifts you’d like to approve. Then click on the ‘Approve Shifts’ button near the top of the page.

You can also approve a shift by clicking on the row for the individual shift and then clicking on ‘Save and Approve’ in the Shift Details window.

What are locations used for?

Locations in Justworks Hours are anywhere your employees go to do work. This could be your office or warehouse, or it could be remote locations for field work. Every shift tracked in Justworks Hours must be assigned to a location so your account will need at least one.

What are offices in Justworks Hours?

Justworks Hours offices are different than Justworks Hours locations. While locations are used to describe and organize data for anywhere your employees go to work, offices are intended to group employees by time zone or corporate office. If all your employees work in the same time zone and have the same overtime preferences, you won’t need to worry about multiple offices. If you have offices in multiple time zones (or countries), you can use Justworks Hours Offices to assign different time zones and overtime rules to employees in different geographic areas.

How do I set up the geofence feature?

Justworks Hours’s mobile app allows for advanced location awareness. As a result, you can control where your employees are allowed to check in using our geofence feature. Employees must be within a specified radius of one of your locations in order to check in for work.

To activate the geofence, click on the person icon in the top, right corner and then on click on ‘Preferences’. From there choose ‘Mobile Settings’ from the left side of the screen. Make sure the geofence feature is set to ‘on’ and then set the radius of the fence. You can also decide whether your employees must still be at the designated location in order to check out from work.

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