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Guide: How to use Project Tracking
Guide: How to use Project Tracking
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Project Tracking

After employees check in, they can add projects to their shift and then track how much time they are spending on those projects. Employees can choose from a list of projects that have been assigned to them, or they can add new projects directly from the app.

To add projects for employees to work on, click the "Manage" tab at the top of the page and then select "Projects" from the dropdown menu. Once on the Projects page, select "Add New Project".

To add a new project simply enter a Project Name, Project Description and Job Code (Optional).

You can also toggle over to the Employees tab to determine which employees you would like to assign the project to. By default, new projects will be assigned to all employees.

Now that you have added and assigned projects to your account, you can view how much time employees have spent working on projects. There are two ways to do this:

1) On a per shift basis, under the Shift Details section,
2) By going to the Reports tab and running a Projects report. Examples of both of these are below.

Knowing what projects employees are working on through the duration of their shift can be a great indicator of productivity. Tracking this data also allows you to identify critical trends from shift to shift and keep your projects on time and within budget. Project tracking can also help cultivate an organizational environment of transparency and collaboration.

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