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How does the Timed Check Out feature work?
How does the Timed Check Out feature work?
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Justworks Hours makes it easy for employees to check in and out of shifts no matter where they are. Unfortunately, sometimes an employee may forget to check out when leaving work for the day. While you may still need to verify their time and make an edit to their shift, you can use Justworks Hours to automatically clock them out after a certain number of hours to avoid excessive long shifts.

Setting up automatically Timed Check Out is easy! To do this, sign in to your management dashboard and click your name in the top right corner, then select Preferences from the dropdown menu.

Once on your Preferences page, scroll down to the App Preferences section toward the bottom. Here, you'll see an option for "Timed Check Out". Select the ON option and then select a number from the drop down menu to the right. This number represents the maximum amount of hours any shift can be open for before being automatically clocked out by Justworks Hours.

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