We've worked hard to build the most robust and feature-rich Gusto time tracking integration, and our team continues to invest in new features to ensure the integration is as complete and easy-to-use as possible.

In this support article we'll post updates on new features that have been added to Justworks Hours's integration with Gusto payroll and HR. You can always go here for an overview of how the integration works.

Here is the latest and greatest overview of advanced features that are available to Justworks Hours & Gusto customers:

Multiple Pay Rates

Employees that have multiple jobs or pay rates in Gusto now have those pay rates imported into their Justworks Hours profile. We automatically pull over the code for each employee and the rate of pay for that work. When tracking time, the employee simply needs to select the appropriate code. Click here to learn how to set up multiple pay rates in your Gusto account.

Because we pull pay rates from Gusto automatically, there is no additional work required to setup this feature. You'll still match employees from Gusto as you normally would, but when an employee with multiple rates of pay is matched, you'll see a "Custom" pay rate on that employee's profile in Justworks Hours with a Gusto logo next to it.

Screenshot showing how Justworks Hours automatically pulls pay rates for employees with multiple jobs or pay rates set in Gusto

Screenshot showing

Click on the View pay rates link to view the different jobs that this employee has in Gusto. You'll also see the equivalent hourly rate of pay for each of those jobs. All of this is automatically updated whenever you make a change to jobs or rates for jobs in Gusto.

Screenshot showing how to view the different jobs that this employee has in Gusto

Whenever your employees with multiple job types and pay rates uses Justworks Hours to track time, we'll prompt them to select which job they are working on - and apply the appropriate pay rate. We'll also send the hours broken out per job/pay type over to Gusto when you send hours from Justworks Hours to your Gusto account. It's as easy as that!

Auto-update to Employee Status and Pay Rate

Now when you terminate an employee in Gusto, that user will also be deactivated from your Justworks Hours account. Additionally, when you make a change to an employee pay rate in Gusto, we'll update in Justworks Hours automatically based on the effective date of the change.

You don't have to do anything to configure this feature, just know that when you terminate an employee in Gusto you will no longer be billed for that user in your Justworks Hours account. You'll automatically see deactivated employees on the Employees page of your web dashboard.

Screenshot showing how deactivated employees appear in your Justworks Hours dashboard

Sync Work Locations to Offices

We're excited about this one. You can now pull your work locations from Gusto directly into Justworks Hours and set them up as Offices. Once in Justworks Hours, you can further configure overtime rules, workweek start date and time zone preferences for each individual Office.

To match work locations to Offices, click the Gusto tab at the top of your dashboard and then navigate to the Settings page (this is the same page you saw when you initially connected your Justworks Hours account to Gusto).

Screenshot showing how to sync Gusto Work Locations to Justworks Hours Offices

From the Gusto Settings page, select the Locations tab. From this table, you'll see all of the Locations that were pulled over from your Gusto account and you can Add these locations as Offices in Justworks Hours. Or, if you already have Offices setup in Justworks Hours you can match them to the Gusto locations.

The value to doing this is that when a location is added to Justworks Hours as an Office you'll be able to configure custom Overtime Preferences for each Office. You'll then assign employees to a specific office, which means that even if some of your employees work in California and others work in New York the appropriate overtime rules will be enforced in Justworks Hours. This allows Justworks Hours customers with multiple offices to remain compliant across their entire organization and still keep all their employee timesheet data in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Screenshot showing how all Locations pulled over from Gusto are viewed within Justworks Hours

When you match or add a location from Gusto, we'll automatically pull over the appropriate time zone based on where that office is located so that all employees assigned to that office can visualize their work hours in the same time zone they are working in.

Simple Employee Mapping

You can now un-match a single employee from Justworks Hours to Gusto without effecting the matching of all other users. Also, you can now bulk add or ignore employees with the click of a button.

This feature makes it easier to manage the integration settings between Justworks Hours and Gusto. To access, go to the Gusto tab in your dashboard and navigate to the Settings screen. From there, you'll see the table where you can match, add and remove employees. You can now un-match an employee just by clicking the red "x" next to their name.

Screenshot showing how to un-match a single employee from Justworks Hours to Gusto

You can also use the "Add All Employees" and "Ignore All Employees" links at the bottom of the page to automatically update the dropdown lists on the table - making it easier than ever to manage your users.

Segmented Timesheet Reports

On your timesheet reports in Justworks Hours, we now designate which pay cycle applies to which payroll in Gusto. For example, if you have a pay cycle for Hourly employees and a pay cycle for Salaried employees, we'll represent that.

To view timesheets, go to the Integration tab in your dashboard, select Gusto from the dropdown menu and navigate to the Timesheets report.

Screenshot showing how to designate which pay cycle applies to which payroll in Gusto

If you have more than one pay cycle or payroll type setup in Gusto, then you'll see those pay cycles broken out by row in Justworks Hours. We've added a new column named "Payroll" which automatically displays what payroll corresponds to which row in the table.

Screenshot showing how pay cycles are broken out by row within Justworks Hours if you have more than one pay cycle or payroll type setup in Gusto

This will allow you to easily know which payroll you are sending hours over for and whether or not the payroll is for hourly employees, a mix of hourly and salaried employees, or just salaried employees.

Please note: Justworks Hours does not allow the sending of hours for Salaried employees as it is against Gusto's best practices. We do however collect that data and report it to you on this page in an accurate and easy-to-understand format.

We hope that you learned a lot from this overview guide but if you still have questions we'd love to chat - feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] Hours.com.

If you're just getting started with Justworks Hours's time tracking integration to Gusto, then we recommend reading this article on getting setup for the first time.

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