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Understanding Icons in the Management Dashboard
Understanding Icons in the Management Dashboard
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When working in the management dashboard you may occasionally see a small, colored icon next to some shifts. These icons are a quick way to identify certain attributes of the shift. Below is an icon key that will help familiarize you with the icons that Justworks Hours uses:

Logo indicating shift has been edited

Indicates that the shift has been edited, either by the employee (this can be turned on/off in Company Preferences) or by a user with the Manager role. If this icon is present, a change has been made to the shift after it was submitted. A change could include edits to either check in or check out time or edits to a break duration.

Logo indicating shift was submitted manually

Indicates that the shift was submitted manually. Manual shifts can be submitted by employees from the app (this can be turned on/off in Company Preferences) for a block of time without actually checking in and out for the shift. Manual shifts can also be submitted by managers on behalf of employees who may have forgotten to check in for a shift.

Logo indicating overtime was logged for this shift

Indicates that overtime has been logged for the shift. By moving your cursor over the icon, a tool tip will appear that specifies the total amount of overtime that has been calculated.

Logo indicating Live Notes are attached to this shift

Indicates that there are Live Notes attached to the shift. Live Notes allow for real-time communication and photo-sharing between employees, managers and other team members while a shift is open. Live Notes is only available to customers on our Business Tier, so before you get started using this feature please check with your account administrator to ensure this service is enabled.

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