Justworks Hours and QuickBooks Online have partnered to bring our customers a new full-service software integration. Now, all hours that are tracked using the Justworks Hours mobile app can be seamlessly exported into the QuickBooks Online accounting, finance and payroll platform with the click of a button.

Below is a step by step guide to setting up the integration, as well as some helpful information for how Justworks Hours and QuickBooks Online work together once connected.

Prior to setting up the integration, make sure that your QuickBooks account is set to the QuickBooks Online Plus plan. This particular plan is required by QuickBooks in order to integrate a third-party time tracking application (like Justworks Hours). More information about QuickBooks Online and detailed plan comparisons can be found here.

1) Sign In to your Justworks Hours management dashboard and select "Integrations" from the main menu at the top of the screen.

2) Go to the QuickBooks listing and click the green "Connect" button to start the integration. A new window will open and you will be prompted to sign in to your QuickBooks Online account. If you do not have a QuickBooks Online Plus account,
you will need to set one up.

3) Give Justworks Hours authorization to access your QuickBooks Online account. This will start the initial data sync and pull over important information, such as your company information and the names of employees and customers. Click "Connect" to do this.

Screenshot showng the authorize Justworks Hours dialogue box

4) After your QuickBooks Online account has been successfully connected, you will be redirected back to the Justworks Hours dashboard. From this point forward, you can manage this integration by clicking the "Integrations" at the top of your page and then clicking "QuickBooks" from the dropdown menu. Select the "Settings" option on the left side of this screen. Here you will be able to match both Employees and Customers from your QuickBooks account to Justworks Hours.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a valid QuickBooks Online Plus account, you will be prompted to upgrade to this plan in order to complete the integration (this is a requirement by Intuit for all time tracking apps).

5) From the Settings page you will find that a list of Employees and Customers has been pulled directly from your QuickBooks Online account. We have separated these into two separate tabs for your convenience. Starting on the Employees tab, match the employees from QuickBooks Online to the correct employee name in Justworks Hours. This ensures that hours tracked in Justworks Hours are sent to the correct employee in QuickBooks Online for time tracking and payroll processing.

6) If an employee from your QuickBooks Online account has not been set up in Justworks Hours and you would like to add them, simply select "Add This Employee". Leave the drop down set to "Ignore" for any employees that you do not want to set up in Justworks Hours. Be sure to click the "Save Employees" button after you have matched and added all employees.

Screenshot showing how to add an employee by selectiing

7) Next, go to the Customers tab and match the customers from QuickBooks Online to the correct Location name in Justworks Hours. This ensures that hours tracked in Justworks Hours are sent to the correct customer in QuickBooks Online for billing and invoicing purposes. Again, click the "Save" button to confirm your changes.

Screenshot showing how to match the customers from QuickBooks Online to the correct Location name in Justworks Hours

You're all set!

Now, that you have integrated your Justworks Hours account with QuickBooks Online, you can send hours that have been tracked and approved in Justworks Hours directly to QuickBooks Online for payroll and billing purposes.

To do this, click the "Integrations" tab in the main menu, select QuickBooks from the dropdown menu and then select "Timesheets" from the left side of the page. From here, you can create reports for any time period using the "Run Report" tool in the navigation bar.

You can also drill down into a report by clicking the row for that time period. This will give you a complete summary of hours tracked with Justworks Hours for that time period, broken out by both Employees and individual Shifts.

PLEASE NOTE: Only hours that have been approved will show up in this report and be sent to QuickBooks Online! Make sure your managers are continuing to approve shifts as they normally would on the Manage Shifts page.

To send the hours for a given time period to QuickBooks Online, simply click the "Send to QuickBooks" link to the far right of the page for the period in question. That's it! The hours will then show up in your QuickBooks Online account.

NOTE: It can take up to five minutes for shifts to be synced from Justworks Hours to QuickBooks Online.

Have more hours been added and approved after you sent a report to QuickBooks Online? No worries, you can either create a new report OR resend an existing report anytime by clicking the "Resend to QuickBooks" link.

As always, if you need help setting up your integration, troubleshooting, or getting your Justworks Hours account configured, please reach out to us at [email protected] or by calling (877) 687-6228.

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