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Justworks Hours allows you to set custom overtime rules for your employees. You can set those rules either from your mobile app or from the Justworks Hours website. If you have a Business Tier plan, you can even set multiple sets of overtime rules for different groups of employees within your account.

Overtime Rules on Web Dashboard

You can set overtime rules from the web dashboard as well. To do so, tap on the person icon in the top right corner of the screen. Then tap on ‘Account’ and finally choose ‘Offices’ from the left side of the screen. You can modify overtime rules for an existing office by clicking on its row, or you can create a new office by clicking on ‘Add New Office’.

Much like in the mobile app, you’ll see options for setting daily and weekly overtime as well as daily double time. Use the checkboxes to activate a threshold. By default the thresholds will be set at 40, 8, and 12 hours respectively.

You'll also see the option to Automatically split shifts when the new work day begins. When this box is checked, Justworks Hours will automatically split shifts that cross midnight into two shifts. If you uncheck this box, shifts across midnight will be kept in a single shift.

If you click on ‘Show Advanced Settings’, you can set multiplier rates for overtime and double time. By default those rates will be 1.5x and 2x respectively. The corresponding checkbox must be selected above to alter the multiplier rates.

Finally, you can select the ‘California overtime rules’ checkbox to apply California overtime law.

Screenshot showing how to set overtime rules from the web dashboard

After making any changes, please be sure to click ‘Save’.

Overtime Rules on Mobile App

You can set your overtime rules directly from the mobile app. To do so, tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen, then tap on ‘Settings’. Finally tap on ‘Office’. To learn more about office settings, click here.

The bottom section is for overtime preferences. Each toggle exposes a new set of preferences. For US customers, you can visit the Department of Labor website to see overtime rules in your state.

Screenshot showing how to navigate to the Office screen via Settings

The first toggle turns on weekly overtime calculations and allows you to set the threshold where weekly overtime begins. By default this will be set to 40 hours.

Screenshot showing how to toggle on overtime calculations

The second toggle turns on daily overtime calculations and allows you to set the threshold where daily overtime begins. By default this will be set to 8 hours. This will also expose a new toggle that allows you to set a daily “double time” threshold. When active, this threshold will be automatically set to 12 hours.

For daily and weekly overtime, all hours that exceed the respective threshold will be paid at 1.5x the standard rate of pay. For daily double time, all hours that exceed the threshold will be paid at 2x the standard rate of pay.

Screenshot showing how to allow you to set the threshold where daily overtime begins

If your employees work in the state of California, you can active the ‘California Overtime’ toggle and California overtime rules will automatically be applied to your account. You can learn more about California overtime law on the Department of Labor website.

Screenshot showing how to toggle on California overtime rules in your office settings

After making any changes, be sure to tap ‘Save’ in the top right corner of the screen.

Multiple Offices

During your trial, or as a business tier customer, you can set multiple overtime, time zone and work week preferences in Justworks Hours by creating multiple offices. To do so, simply click on ‘Add New Office’ from the Offices section. Each employee must be added to an office and an employee can only appear in a single office. Multiple offices are not needed if all employees are in the same time zone, have the same start of work week and share the same overtime policy.

Important things to keep in mind for Justworks customers

If an employee has multiple job codes set up on Hours, overtime hours will be estimated on Hours, but those will NOT be sent to Justworks. You'll need to go to the Justworks' Timecards and adjust overtime manually.

Overtime will be calculated for both hourly and salaried employees. This means that this sync also supports overtime calculations for salaried non-exempt employees.

For offices that are synced from Justworks, the start of the week is locked to Sunday.

You do not have to use this feature on Hours. If you do nothing, you will still continue to have to click “Calculate overtime” on Justworks timecards.

We are working on supporting the full sync of multiple pay rates & overtime from Hours to Justworks (estimated timeline: end of the calendar year).

If an employee’s rate is changed when adding the shift, this will create a situation where the employee could be paid different rates within the week, without having multiple job codes set up. If the employee works overtime during that week, it will be synced to Justworks as overtime (even if we normally wouldn’t for multiple pay rates).

Justworks Timecards will accept the hours and use the highest rate in the week as the overtime rate (since we don’t currently support weighted average calculations).

If the primary office doesn't have overtime rules set up, the overtime watch will keep prompting to set preferences. If this occurs, you'll need to set up overtime rules for the primary office.

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