Time sheet Report

The time sheet report allows you to view employee hours for any date range. To view hours organized by employee, select the time sheet report from the drop down in the banner or from the list on the left side of the screen. 

Justworks Hours (formerly Boomr) will default to organizing hours by work week and will allow you to quickly move from one work week to another over the last 90 days by choosing them from the workweek drop down. Selecting a new work week will update the report automatically. 

You can also choose to filter the report to include only approved shifts, only pending shifts, or both. 

In addition, you can run the time sheet report for a custom date range. To do so, click on ‘Show by date range’ and then use the date picker to select a range. Once you’ve selected your range, click on ‘Run Report’.

Finally, the time sheet report can be reorganized to show your data by location rather than by employee. To do so, click on the first filter and change it from “Show Employees” to “Show Locations”. You can learn more about Boomr locations here.

You can download the time sheet report by clicking on the checkbox next to the row you’d like to download and then clicking on the green download arrow.

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