Payroll Report

How to run a payroll report

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Payroll Report

The payroll report allows you to see hours and pay rates for all employees in your account. Only approved hours appear in the payroll report. 

To run a payroll report, first select it from the drop down in the banner or from the list on the left side of the screen. Choose the dates you’d like to include in the payroll report and then click on ‘Run Report’. After a few moments, the report will be added to the table below. If you have any approved shifts that fall within the date range of the payroll report, you’ll be asked to confirm that you’d like to proceed with the report. Any “pending” shifts will not be included in the report.

Screenshot showing a tabulated version of the payroll report

In the table you’ll see summary data for the payroll report. This data includes totals of all hours worked and wages for the report. You can click on the row of any report to bring up additional detail. The details window will show hours worked by each employee and total wages for the pay period. It will also show each shift worked during the date range and any approved time off that falls within the date range.

Screenshot showing the Payroll Details window pop-up

Unlike the time sheet report, the payroll report creates a static report in your account that can be downloaded and reviewed or saved for later. You can download the payroll report as a CSV file by clicking the checkbox next to the report you wish to download and then the download button. You can also delete a payroll report. Click on the checkbox and then on the trash can icon.

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