Time Off Report
How to run a Time Off Report
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Time Off Report

The time off report includes all approved time off hours in a given date range. To run the time off report, select it from the drop down in the banner or from the list on the left side of the page.

Screenshot showing how to access the Time Off report from the left-side menu

You can filter the time off report by time off category or view all time off regardless of category. By default all categories will be included. Click on the drop down to select a single category. Then use the date picker to select a date range. If you are a Business Tier customer, you can also filter the time off report to only show time off for a chosen office or for all offices in your account. Finally, click on ‘Run Report’. 

Once you’ve run the report, you can click on any row to bring up additional detail for that employee. You can also download the report for any employee by clicking on the checkbox next to their name and then on the download arrow.

Screenshot showing how to access additional employee details after clicking any employee in the report

For more information on how to set up time off in your account, click here.

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