Justworks Hours Invoices
Learn how to produce Invoices with Justworks Hours
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Justworks Hours invoices allow you to generate an invoice to bill a client for hours spent at a location. Each location in Justworks Hours has the option of being set to “billable”. When you set a location as billable, you’ll also assign a billable rate. That rate will be assigned to all hours worked at that location for invoicing (this may be different than the hourly rate you pay your employees).

Screenshot showing the Invoices dashboard

To run the invoice report, choose the date range you’d like to produce an invoice for and then click on ‘Run Report’. Next choose the locations that you’d like to produce invoices for.

Screenshot showing the Select Locations pop-up that appears when you choose to run an invoice report

The new invoices will appear in the table below. You can click on any row to edit the rate or hours in an invoice or simply to view additional detail.

Screenshot showing new invoices in a table format

To download an invoice, click on the checkbox next to the invoice you’d like to download and then on the green download arrow. Each invoice is assigned an invoice number. The invoice number cannot be repeated or amended.

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