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Locations in Justworks Hours
How to add a Location in Justworks Hours (Mobile app)
How to add a Location in Justworks Hours (Mobile app)
Learn how to add a location in the Justworks Hours mobile app
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What are locations in Justworks Hours?

Locations in Justworks Hours can be thought of in several ways. Primarily, locations are anywhere employees go to do work. This can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Multiple physical locations (retail, restaurant, etc.)

  • Multiple job sites (construction, service providers, etc.)

  • Offices

  • Clients (track time to clients for billing/accounting regardless of physical location)

Mobile app

To add a location from the mobile app, access the app menu by tapping on the three lines in the top, left corner of the mobile app screen.

Next tap on ‘Manage Locations’. Here you can search your location list, update details for an existing location, or add a new location. To add a new location, tap on ‘Add New Location’ at the top of the page.

First name the location (a name is required). The next field gives you an option to set a billable rate (see the billable rate section of this article for more information).

Screenshot showing your 'Manage Location' options

Next tap on ‘Link a Physical Address’. To have Justworks Hours autofill the address based on your current location, tap on the navigation triangle in the top, right corner. To have Justworks Hours autocomplete your address based on your input, tap on the address field and start typing.

Screenshot showing the 'Physical Address' screen

Next you can assign this location to employees or departments by tapping on ‘Assign to Employees’. By default it will be assigned to all employees, to change this, switch the toggle to ‘Off”.

Screenshot showing how to select employees or departments to assign to a location

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