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Mobile App for Admins
Mobile App for Admins
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Topics covered in this article:

  • View Open Shifts

  • Manage Shifts

  • Manage Employees

  • Manage Locations

  • Profile

  • Settings

  • Billing

  • Support

This article will cover features available to Justworks Hours managers and admins in the mobile app. For how to track time and employee features in the mobile app, click here. For information about Terminal Mode, click here.

To access the mobile app menu, tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen.

The first section is labeled “My Time”. Features in this section are covered in the articles linked above. The second section is called ‘Manage’. Those features are covered below.

Screenshot showing the 'My Time' section of the mobile app menu

View Open Shifts

Justworks Hours admins can now view all currently open shifts directly from the mobile app. Simply tap on ‘View Open Shifts’. Any employees currently check in will be visible in this section. Their location and current status will be displayed here as well. You can use the search bar to look for a single employee or to look for all employees clocked in at a specific location.

Screenshot showing the 'View Open Shifts' screen

You can also tap on the row of an open shift to bring up additional details for that shift. From here you can also change an employee’s status. You can start or end a break and check an employee out.

Manage Shifts

Once an employee finishes work, you can find their shifts in the ‘Manage Shifts’ tab. Here you can view completed shifts, approve (or unapprove) a shift, and edit a shift.

The top of the screen has several filters that let you decide which types of shifts you want to see. You can view all shifts, pending shifts, or approved shifts.

Screenshot showing the 'Manage Shifts' screen where you can filter all shifts, shifts pending approval, and approved shifts

To approve (or unapprove) a shift, tap on the word ‘Select’ in the top right corner of the screen. Now tap on any shifts you’d like to update. When you do, a button will appear at the bottom of the screen allowing you to approve (or unapprove) the selected shifts. If you do not wish to update any shifts, you may also tap ‘Cancel’ in the top right corner of the screen. Updating shifts or tapping cancel, will return you to the previous shift view.

In order to edit a shift, simply tap on the row for the shift you wish to edit. Once you do, you’ll be brought to the shift details page. To edit, simply tap on the ‘Edit Shift’ button at the bottom of the screen. You can edit the start and end times of a shift, you can add or edit breaks and you can add or edit project time. You can also delete a shift by using the delete button at the bottom of the screen.

Manage Employees

In the ‘Manage Employees’ section of the mobile app, you can add or remove an employee and update an employee’s information.

Screenshot showing the where you can add or remove employees within the 'Manage Employees' screen

To add a new employee, tap on ‘Manage Employees’ from the app menu and then tap on ‘Add New Employee’. First name, last name, and email address are required fields. You can also set a role for employees (learn more about roles here), assign them to an office (learn more about offices here), and set their pay type and pay rate. Once you’ve provided the required information, you’ll be able to ‘Save’ your new employee. New employees will automatically receive an email/text message invite to join your account and we’ll even teach them how to track time with Justworks Hours.

You can also update an employee’s information or deactivate an active employee from this section. Tap on the employee you’d like to update and you’ll be brought to their profile details. You can edit any field here. You’ll also see a field called ‘Status’. This is where you can deactivate an active employee or reactivate a deactivated employee. Tap on the ‘Change Status’ link to update it.

If you’ve previously deactivated an employee and wish to reactivate them, you’ll first need to change the filter on the ‘Manage Employees’ page. To do this, tap on the filter icon in the top right corner. Switch this filter from active to inactive. You can then follow the deactivation steps above to reactivate an employee.

Manage Locations

You can add, or edit locations in the Justworks Hours mobile app. Tap on ‘Manage Locations’ to do so. This will show all locations currently active in your account. By default this list will be sorted by proximity to the current location of your mobile device. You can change this by tapping on the ‘sort’ icon in the top right corner. This will allow you to organize your location list alphabetically.

Screenshot showing where you can add or edit locations within the 'Manage Locations' screen

To add a new location, tap on ‘Add New Location’ at the top of the screen. You can learn more about how to add locations here.

To edit a location, tap on the location you’d like to edit. Here you can edit the name of your location, the address of your location, and edit the employee assignment for a location. You can also set or edit a billable rate for a location. Once you’ve made any changes, tap on ‘Save’.


The profile section allows you to edit the information assigned to your own profile rather than company or employee information.

Screenshot showing the 'Profile' screen where you can edit information assigned to your own profile


Settings allows you to edit your office settings and change formatting in your Justworks Hours account. You can learn more about offices here and more about formatting here.

Screenshot showing the 'Office' screen where you can edit your office settings

Screenshot showing the 'Formatting' screen where you adjust the appearance of currency, numbers, dates, and times within Justworks Hours


In this section you can manage your Justworks Hours in-app subscription. Learn more about Justworks Hours’s in-app subscriptions and pricing here.


Justworks Hours support is here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our support resources are available directly from the mobile app.

You can read helpful articles (like this one) in our support center straight from the app.

You can send an email to our support team. You can live chat with our support team from the mobile app as well. Send Log to Tech Support allows you to send detailed log information to our support team to help diagnose and correct issues or bugs in the mobile app.

Invite a friend lets you share Justworks Hours with friends or colleagues.

Rate Justworks Hours allows you to provide feedback to our team and rate your experience with Justworks Hours.

You can also access Justworks Hours’s Terms of Service from the mobile app.

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