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Justworks Hours Preferences
Justworks Hours Preferences

Learn how to manage your preferences in Justworks Hours

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To access preferences, first click on the person icon in the top, right corner and then on preferences.

Screenshot showing where to access 'Preferences' in the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the person icon at the top-right

Preference groups are organized on the left side of the screen. The first section is Time Tracking preferences. Here you’ll decide how employees will use Justworks Hours.

Time Tracking preferences

You can turn on or off manual time tracking (employees can fill out time sheets in Justworks Hours rather than clocking in and out in real-time) and web dashboard access for employees (employees can use our website to track time).

When set to "on", the Open Shifts preference prevents employees from having more than one shift open at the same time.

You can also set a timed check out feature and an auto-approval feature.

Screenshot showing where to set a timed check out feature and auto-approval feature

Justworks Hours makes it easy for employees to check in and out of shifts no matter where they are. Unfortunately, sometimes an employee may forget to check out for leaving for the day. While you may still need to verify their time and make an edit to their shift, you can use Justworks Hours to automatically clock them out after a certain number of hours. To do this, simply turn on Timed Check Out as pictured above, and set the number of hours. Any employees still on the clock for a shift of this duration, will be automatically clocked out by Justworks Hours.

Break Rules

The second section is for Break Rules. If you live in an area where employee breaks need to be marked as paid vs unpaid, or otherwise labeled, you’ll manage that here. If those rules aren’t necessary where your employees work, you can skip this section.

Screenshot showing the Break Rules tab where you can manage break rules

With Break Rules, you can set breaks as paid vs unpaid, you can require a minimum duration and you can send reminders to take a break during your employee’s shift.

You can also create different break rules for different employees or departments if needed.

Screenshot showing where to create different break rules for different employees or departments

Mobile App Preferences

In the next section you’ll set your mobile app preferences. You can control the geofence (see below) and turn off mobile app access entirely from here.

Screenshot showing the 'Mobile' tab where you can control geofence preferences


Justworks Hours allows you to see where your employees are whenever they check in or out for a shift. As you already know, all check-ins in Justworks Hours must be assigned to a location. In addition, you can set a geofence to prevent employees from clocking in before they’ve reached their location for the day.

To do this, go to the preferences section by clicking on your name in the top right corner and then on preferences.

From there, scroll to the bottom section and switch the option for Set Geofence from “Off” to “On”. Be sure to hit the save button down below. You can also specify the radius of the fence using the drop down to the right. The radius can be set to .25, .5, 1, 5, or 10 miles. If an employee tries to check into a shift but is outside the specified radius, they’ll receive the following message:

Screenshot showing the error message that will appear on an employee's screen if an employee tries to check into a shift outside the geofence's specified radius

You can also restrict access to the mobile app entirely. With this preference set to “on” employees will not be able to track time from the mobile app, instead they’ll track their time from our web dashboard or via our integration with Slack.

User Permissions

Screenshot showing the 'User Permissions' tab

The last section of the preferences menu is for user permissions. Here you’ll determine how locations are managed in Justworks Hours, who has permission to edit and approve, and who has permission to view employee pay rates.

You can learn more about locations in the locations section below, but here you’ll decide whether or not employees are allowed to add new locations to Justworks Hours on their own.

You’ll also decide whether or not “locations” can be added to Justworks Hours without an address. This will allow you to track activities that may start and end in different places, or track time to a specific client where location may not be important.

Next, you’ll decide whether or not employees should have permission to edit their own time sheet. With this setting turned “on”, employees will be able to edit time sheet entries so long as they are still pending approval.

Pay rate masking allows you to hide pay rates from employees and/or managers in your Justworks Hours account.

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