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Approving and Editing Shifts
Approving and Editing Shifts

How to Approve and Edit Shifts in the Justworks Hours Dashboard

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This article explains how to approve and edit time in the Justworks Hours dashboard.

Before we Start

All shifts submitted in Justworks Hours are available for immediate review and approval by a Justworks Hours admin or manager. Shifts are submitted in a 'pending' state. A pending shift is identified in the dashboard as one that is highlighted and in bold in the shifts table. An approved shift is identified as one that is greyed out and not listed in bold.

In order to for shifts to appear in Justworks Hours reports or to be sent to an integration partner, shifts must first be approved.

Approve a Shift

To begin, click on the Track Time tab in the banner at the top of the screen and then Completed Shifts

You can use the filters on the left side of the screen to control which shifts are visible to you. You can set the date range, filter to show only pending shifts, and filter to show shifts only for one employee.

After setting filters, you can view any shifts that match the filter in the shifts table. To approve shifts in bulk, use the checkbox next to the shift(s) you would like to approve. You can use the checkbox at the top of the table to select all shifts on the current page. Once you've selected the shifts you'd like to approve, click on the 'Approve Shifts' button.

You can also unapprove shifts that have been previously approved to return them to a pending state. To do so, make sure your filter is set to show "All Shifts" and then select the shifts you would like to unapprove, then click the 'Unapprove Shifts' button.

To approve a single shift, click on the row of the shift you would like to approve and click the 'Save and Approve' button.

Edit a Shift

When editing a shift, you can change the date, location, start time and/or end time, change the pay rate, and add or remove breaks from the shift.

To edit a shift, find the shift you'd like to edit in the table on the Shifts tab. Click on the row for that shift. This will bring up the shift details window. You can click on any value to edit it. Once you've made your edit, click on 'Save' or 'Save and Approve'. As the account admin, you can edit a shift in both the pending and approved states mentioned above.

Delete a Shift

To delete a shift, click the checkbox next to the shift you'd like to delete and then click on the trash can icon. A deleted shift is removed from the employee's time sheet and can no longer be edited or approved. You can recover a deleted shift. To do so, click on 'View Deleted Shifts' under the filters on the left side of the screen in the Shifts tab.

Then click on the checkbox next to the shift(s) you'd like to recover. These shifts will be restored to the shifts tab and to the employee's time sheet.

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