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Roles for Users in Justworks Hours
Roles for Users in Justworks Hours
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Primary Admin

  • This tole is automatically assigned to the person who creates the account. The only difference with the admin role is being able to assign another admin to the primary role

  • Access to all preferences and account settings

  • Access to Integrations tab

  • Full access to all employees by default

  • Can assign different roles (below)


  • This role is assigned by the Primary Admin

  • Can be assigned to be Primary Admin


  • This role can be assigned by the Primary Admin or the Admin

  • Has limited access to add employees and/or add locations

  • Can only view employees that are assigned to them as direct reports

  • Can view the pay rates of the employees if it is allowed by the Primary Admin/Admin


  • Shifts for these rolls will sync via the Justworks integration

  • The role has the ability clock in and out or add shifts manually

  • Primary Admin/Admin has control on whether an employee can clock-in on the web dashboard, the mobile app or both. Primary Admin/Admin also controls whether real time only or manual entries are permitted

  • Only has view access for their own timesheets


  • This role is assigned to someone who is paid via 1099

  • Shifts for these roles WILL NOT sync via the Justworks integration.


  • You can assign this role to someone who needs to access reports

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