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Job Codes and Multiple Pay Rates
Job Codes and Multiple Pay Rates

Giving an employee Multiple Pay Rates with different Jobs

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Step 1: Go to the green icon in the upper right corner and click “Account”

Step 2: On the left side of the screen, click “Job Codes,” then click “Add Job Code.”

Step 3: Once the job codes have been created, go to “Manage” → “Employees”

Step 4: Select the employee who will be receiving multiple pay rates and then unlock the Pay Type (Please note that once you have unlocked the pay type, the different pay rates will not transfer over to Justworks. You will have to make some manual adjustments). Once you've unlocked the pay type select the “Multiple Pay Rates” option.

Step 5: Once you select “Multiple Pay Rates”, please click the “View Pay Rates” button. Once you select the “View Pay Rates” button, another window will pop up to display the Job Codes that you created with the option to set the Pay Rates for each. Please note: Justworks Hours do not have a multiplier. Admin is responsible for entering the correct amounts!

Step 6: Once your employee is ready to clock in, the option to pick a Job Code will appear.

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